Consumers Warned: Before hiring any contractor or service firm, be sure employees are screened

This post I thought I’d share our recent press release.

(Albany, NY, August 22, 2013) As reported in a number of newspapers, and lately on the national media, consumers are exposed to significant risk in letting contractors or other service workers – pest control, plumbers, domestic cleaners to name a few – into their home to provide services, unless they know the company that employs these workers conducts criminal and other background checks at the time of hire.

Michelle Pyan, President of Cohoes-based Commercial Investigations LLC, a firm that specializes in conducing background checks of job candidates before they are hired, recommends that a consumer ask the right questions before contracting for any type of service performed in their home. “All too often her hear the horror stories of a child being abused by a sexual predator, and being physically harmed by someone working in the home. Unfortunately many of these instances have resulted in death. It is imperative that consumers ask questions and safeguard themselves”, commented Pyan, a noted expert in this field. Her firm provides background check services to employers including those who provide in-home services in the Capital Region.

Pyan recommends:
· Always ask, before arranging for a contractor or service worker to come into your home, if the company conducts any background checks of their employees. If the answer is no, one may not want to employ that company.
· Never be alone in the house. It is always prudent to have someone else in the home.
· At a minimum, make a phone call to a family member in earshot of the service worker communicating that so-and-so from XYZ Company is here right now. That might ward off a potential problem.

“The safest bet – hire only companies that screen employees. One never knows who may show up at the front door”, continued Pyan.